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Atwater Market
138 Atwater, Tel. 937 7754
Metro Lionel-Groulx

Atwater Market is two long floors of indoor shops all year round, and during the livable months there are stalls lining the lower outside sidewalk. Upstairs there are mainly butchers and a couple of general-food stores, while downstairs there's a beer store (SAQ-owned) and the king of Atwater Market, at least to me: Les Douceurs du Marché.
The two owners preside over a huge assortment of hard-to-find gourmet and ethnic items, including an entire wall of hot sauces and incredible oils, and a side room with shelf upon shelf of pastas and other ethnic foods that I've never seen anywhere else in Montreal. If it's Curry leaves or those spicy papadums you're looking for, look no further. They also carry Dave's INCREDIBLE hot sauces (among many others only available by mail order) and extremely exotic olive oils and pastas.

You’ll also find three very comprehensive cheese shops, a Prémière Moisson bakery, a sushi place and a poissonerie, and ten butcher shops on the upper level, one specialising in sausages.

There’s also a pasta shop, a bulk-foods store, a pet store and a tobacconist.

Go just for le Douceurs.

To be continued . . .

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