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Question: "Hi, I was wondering about whether you know any other cooking and wine tasting schools? Thanks a bunch. Dan."


Dear Dan,

L'Academie Culinaire. Most of the cooking classes I've taken in Montreal have been at L'Academie Culinaire  (and they've started offering some limited classes in English now, as well).  The cost of the courses tend to be a bit high, but the food provided (in both quality and quantity) is outstanding. They also have clean-up staff who come in after you've cooked up a storm (mess) to do all your dishes.  Remember home economics when you had to do your own dishes?  Here someone does that work for you.

One Roast Chicken. One of the reasons I began my new company, was to propose a new solution to questions just like yours.  Where can you go to get cooking help, new recipes, and cooking ideas? What about absolute beginners? ... So I'm happy to announce the creation of my new online cooking school, that starts by covering the very basics and includes step-by-step photos. With help and lots of encouragement, our goal is to get even the most kitchen-challenged finally experiencing some success. 

I hope this information has been helpful :)  Let me know if you have any more questions.

Editor Shelley

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