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Desert Island Dishes
Yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before. What if you were shipwrecked and you had the chance to bring ten of "xxx" with you? I personally hate these things when I'm asked because I usually have trouble coming up with three. But I love asking other people! So here in no particular order are some responses, plus some culled from the Web.

Barry Lazar's Desert Island Dishes
Grilled vegetable and wild mushroom antipasta at The Restaurant With No Name (9700 boul St-Michel)
Espresso at Café Italia
Breakfast at Cosmos
Bagel & lox at Beauty's
#3 roast beef at Chez Magnan
Poutine at Le Globe (served with a wine appropriate to the cheese)
Foie gras at Toqué
Deer tartare at Les Caprices de Nicolas
Any fish at Milos
Fresh large BC oysters with black bean sauce at Kum Kee (in Chinatown)
Grilled Portuguese sardines at this little place on the corner of Rachel
and Clark.
Nicholas Robinson's Desert Island Dishes
The steak at Ferreira
The Magret de Canard at Les Caprices de Nicolas
The dill pickles at Schwartz's
The weird dipping chutney sauce for pappadams at Mysore
The shallot butter at Maestro S.V.P.
The Caesar salad at Maestro S.V.P.
The fries at Firegrill
Potato salad from Atlantique
Seekh kebab at Star of India
Rusticella pasta from Douceurs du Marché, Atwater Market
Lesley Chesterman's Desert Island Dishes
Nan bread at Le Taj
Sugar pie at Au Pain Dore
Hot foie gras with lentils at Les Caprices de Nicolas
Kamikaze roll at Sho-Dan
Fish Soup at Chez la Mère Michel
Crispy Pekin duck at Globe
Antipasto platter at Bice
Seared scallops with grapefruit beurre blanc at Auberge Hatley
Cajun mahi mahi at Delfino
My mother's Hungarian goulash with egg noodles (and she's not even
Avril Benoit's Desert Island Dishes
Best hang-out joint for coffee & newspapers: Open da Night
Best bistro to convey Montreal's appeal to visiting Torontonians: l'Express
Best patio brunch in my old neighbourhood: Café Souvenir
Best place to feel welcome home: Nantha's Kitchen, when Nantha's in
Best comfort soup: Zazium
Best grazing: Jean Talon Market
Best energy: Schwartz's
Best Chinese: Kam Shing, opposite the Côte-des-Neiges Plaza
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