Can you help us in our quest to find Bill Shatner’s old house, the one he was born in? It’s gone beyond an obsession here at

Here’s the deal: according to a book called Captain Quirk—an unauthorized bio of our favorite captain—Bill was born and raised at 4419 Girouard in N.D.G. (Notre Dâme de Grace.)

I went there to check it out.

Shot from across the street, looking at 4419 Girouard

4419 Girouard. As you can see when you watch the video clip, this looks like the same doorway.

However, in a documentary about Bill by the CBC, he was shown going into quite a different-looking place. Check out the video short below (Quicktime is needed—I don’t know whether Windows Media Player can play this.)

Wait for the video to download, then click play. Note the name of the current tenant is called "Mr. Le Vigueur" by Bill.

Barry says that Bill actually lived somewhere on Old Orchard, not Girouard. But could the video be lying? I was thinking maybe the video producers took a dummy shot of the exterior of the supposed "house" to deter would-be Trekkies from camping out there. However, the brick outside the door in closeups of Shatner going into the house looks very similar to the brick in my photo, as does the white frame around the door. But that could just be what all the houses around there look like.

Do YOU have the answer? Let me know by emailing me. I’ll post the responses here, on my new Find Bill’s Old House page.

Let's find Bill's old house!

Thursday, July 11, 2002 Update

Captain Kirk's chair sold for US $265,000 on eBay. That would buy a very, very nice house in upper Westmount. Just for some lard-ass to be able to sit on the throne and be able to say, "Scotty, Warp 26." Now that's warped.

Meanwhile, Chris "Sherlock" Beck ( points out that "You will note that the door of 4419 Girouard is hinged on the left. The door in the video is hinged on the right."

This is a truly disturbing development. He's absolutely right, and it proves that either the author of the book wherein this address was contained was duped, or the makers of the video are trying to dupe US.

Thanks, Chris, for the astute observation!

For you Shatner addicts: I've just finished production on a DVD of an old Shatner movie, Sole Survivor. It took me about a year and cost about $2000 to produce, but it's here (see pic.) I included a subtitle track (optional) with trivia about the making of the movie, plus stuff about Shatner and the other actors. Fascinating stuff.

For more information on how to buy the DVD, please click here.

Here's stuff said about this page:

Amy Vasiliou says:

"I was a student at the Natural Health Consultant Institute for 3 years and everyone there knew that Bill was born at 4240 Girouard (corner Monkland) which is the NHC redone from a duplex. The phone number is 485-3859.
"I think it may be true"


Paul Gertsen says:

"I came across your commendable search for Shatner's original home.

"Have you tried the Montreal city directories for the 1930's? They should be available at the largest library in Montreal, or at a local research library or museum.

"You can search the directory by name, and find the street address.

"I'm not sure, but Shatner may have been spelled Shattner, or maybe even Schattner. Something like that.

"It might help to check the variations. I've heard that Shatner is Jewish, so I thought Schattner might be a closer spelling to the original name. Or it could actually be Shatner. I don't know.
It's just that since I do research for a living, I tend to look at all of the options.

"Three friends and I are going to meet in Montreal this summer to go to an Expos game and spend a weekend in the city. I hope you can narrow down the house by then, since I'd love to take a picture. (Seems like it would be one of the more interesting Montreal landmarks!)

"Good luck with your quest. (I am a fellow Shatner-phile. I've even seen "Incubus.")"

Paul Gertsen