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Sales Tax:
The Federal goods and services tax (GST) of 7% is charged on most goods and services in Canada. A Quebec provincial tax (TVQ) of 7.5% is added to all goods and services purchased in the province of Quebec. Non-resident visitors and for meeting planners can apply for a rebate of GST and TVQ paid on most goods, (there are exceptions) purchased for use outside Canada, as well as on short-term accommodations and most convention related services. The rebate forms and more details are included in the Revenue Canada publications entitled, Tax Refund for Visitors to Canada and Tax Refund for Business Travel to Canada. These publications and related rebate forms are available from Revenue Canada tax services offices, tourist information centres and Canadian embassies and consulates outside Canada. You can also access the publications at on the Internet. To receive your refund, mail your rebate application to the address shown on the back cover of the publications mentioned above. Cash refunds can be claimed in person at participating Canadian duty-free shops located at land border crossings. See the publications for a list of the addresses of participating duty-free shops.

Hotel tax or room occupancy tax:
A non-reimbursable $2.00 hotel tax per night is in effect.

Airport Improvement Fee:
There is an airport improvement fee of $10.00 Canadian for passengers departing from Montreal International Airport, Dorval. These tickets can be purchased at the airport at AIF counters and tickets machines conveniently located near check-in counters and security checkpoints or can be pre-purchased through a destination management company, receptive agency or professional convention organiser. There is no airport improvement fee for passengers departing from Montreal International Airport, Mirabel.

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