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Au Petit Resto
4650 de Mentana. Laurier métro. BYOB

RESERVATIONS: 598-7963. HOURS: 5:30 p.m. on. Closed Mon. NO-SMOKING SECTION: No. WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: No. PRICES—TABLE D'HÔTE: $17.50. CREDIT CARDS: Visa, Mastercard, Amex.
Au Petit Resto was THE first resto to prove you can make it work on a residential side-street on the Plateau: for the last two decades, they've thrived on de Mentana (rue des cowboys in the local joual—Montana, get it? ).

There are no bells, whistles, or quaint signs to announce the fact that this is a bistro. Indeed, despite the fact that we've been coming here for years, when sauntering up de Mentana, we sometimes still find the bistro an unexpected sight, sitting there quietly at the corner of de Bienville, an unassuming little neighbourhood place.

The interior is unassuming, as well, its avocado-coloured walls only periodically punctuated by mirrors and large, contemporary oil paintings. The tables are simple bistro affairs, the off-white ceramic hanging lamps adding a warm glow from overhead.

Au Petit Resto's chalkboard hanging near the front door lets Plateau habitués know "what's cooking," and many's the patron who has suddenly decided not to cook supper at home! Imagine strolling home from work, mid-week, and seeing confit de cuisse de canard, faux-filet au poivre vert, filet mignon marchand de vin, and the tasty classic suprème de volaille aux langoustes on the menu as you walk by! For starters, their tasty rillettes and Pâtes (both homemade) are good, and the various salads, such as the salade au chèvre chaud are sure and satisfying.

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