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3647 Saint-Laurent Blvd. Saint-Laurent métro. Bus 55

Tel. 840-9000. Sunday to Thursday, noon 'til midnight. Friday and Saturday, noon'til 2 a.m. $30 for two before beer, taxes and service. Table d'hôte: $4.95—$6.25 (noon); $5.95—$8.25 (evening).
Grano was awarded a prize for its décor in 1997. The deconstructed interlor features rotary-cut plywood, perforated metal, reinforced glass and gigantic film and theatre posters for a post-industrial look. Grano offers the standard sandwich, fries and draft beer, with a slightly different twist. There are twenty-five different versions, all avallable either toasted or plain, and all sporting the Première Moisson bakery's naturally flavoured bread. Exotic fruit shakes with or without ice cream—spirulina for $1 extra. You can have a wee nip o'whisky poured into your expresso too, if the spirit urges. Veggie sandwiches and lots of different sauces for your fries. A caveat: mediocre desserts. Standard "hipper than thou" Saint-Laurent Street service: the customer is always wrong. If you're looking for a textbook demonstration of passive-aggressive behaviour, ask them politely to turn the music down a touch. Why is having a chip on your shoulder bigger than a loaf of bread a prerequisite to serving sandwiches on the Main? Try the nosmoking section (if you enjoy inhaling second hand smoke). Private parking in the evening.

Sample menu: Soupe du jour, hummus, salade niçoise, Sugar Daddy sandwich (smoked chicken, bocconcini, pesto, tomatoes), Kosmik Amazone sandwich (cream cheese and blue cheese, green olives, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, oregano, tomatoes, romaine lettuce), Empire State sandwich (beef, smoked turkey, grilled mushrooms and peppers, friulano cheese and havarti aux herbes).

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