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Jardin de Puits
180 Villeneuve E. Laurier métro. BYOB

RESERVATIONS: 849-0555. HOURS: I I a.m.—I I P.M. NO-SMOKING SECTION: Yes. WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: Yes. PRICES: $9.95—$22.95 (à la carte). CREDIT CARDS: Visa, Mastercard.
Tucked away on the mini-BYOB strip on Villeneuve beside Les Rites Berbères and À vos risques et plaisirs, Le Jardin de Puits resembles Le Jardin de Panos in more than name: the treed, awning-sheltered outdoor terrasse is bright and cheery (take the table nearest the basil garden); the mood can be boisterous; and the menu is almost identical to that of Panos.

The inside is pure brochetterie, and the service lacks the Panos edge, but the food is less mediocre than many brochetteries. The pikilia is serviceable, with homemade meat and rice-stuffed vine leaves and authentic taramasalata topping the bill, and the brochettes are tender and tasty (have them leave the unadvertised lemon-mustard sauce off the otherwise succulent chicken brochette). If you have a hankering for pythakia (Greek-style lambchops), they are quite good here, although Terrasse Lafayette's are more authentic. Our fried calamari were a bit of a disappointment recently, when they came a bit torched and crisped. Still, this is an address to remember for fun ambiance and straight- ahead brochetterie food.

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