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Lele da Cuca
70 Marie-Anne E. Mont-Royal métro. BYOB

RESERVATIONS: 849-6649. HOURS: 5 p.m.—I I p.m., Sun.—Thurs. 5 p.m.—12 p.m., Fri. and Sat. NO SMOKING SECTION: No. WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: No. PRICES—TABLE D’HÔTE: $12.50—$13.50. CREDIT CARDS: Visa, Mastercard.
A pillar of the Mexican BYOB scene since 1978, Lele da Cuca has slowly transformed over the years (there have been various owners) from a hippie-style, funky, alternative Mexican place to a still funky, but predominantly Brazilian restaurant. At least, that's where the heart of the chef is.

Don't get us wrong, the Mexican fare featured on the large menu is solid, and fairly authentic, but try the "National dish of Brazil," the hearty feijoada, the seafood-based vatapa, or some of their wild salad combos. The use of unusual ingredients like mango, manioc, coconut milk, and palm oil will please the more adventurous palates at your table.

Mexican iconography is still everywhere, and the predominantly yellow adobe style look will make you think of the heat of equatorial regions, whether you're sweltering in a July heat wave, or warming up in winter, nostagic for the heat of summer or an island getaway.

ele Da Cuca's Website:

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