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Michael W.
2601 Centre. Charlevoix métro. BYOB

RESERVATIONS: 931-082 1. HOURS: 5 p.m. on, Tues.—Sun. I I a.m.—3 p.m., brunch on Sun. Closed Mon. NO-SMOKING SECTION: Yes. WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: No. PRICES -TABLE D’HÔTE: $14.50—$16.50. CREDIT CARDS: Visa, Interac.
How many BYOBs are two steps away from an SAQ "Classique" store? How many BYOBs are right across from a métro stop for easy winter accessibility (there’s no need to drive home if you, uh, "enjoy" too much wine)? "Not many, if any," you reply.

Michael W. is all this and more: they also feature carefully selected antiques, fresh flowers, a cute terrasse, inexpensive prices and a fresh market approach to their cuisine and all of this in Pointe- Saint-Charles, which has suffered too long as a poorer second-cousin to Montreal proper.

From the moment you enter this old converted corner store and make your way across the deliciously uneven floors to your table, you will be captivated. The front room is more expansive, and noisier, as well, while the smaller back room, which resembles a converted bedroom, is for non-smokers and is quieter, but also less well ventilated.

On the Italian side of things, the poulet granata (lemon, thyme, rosemary) was delectable. They also offer a poulet farci au fromage fontina et tomates and an osso bucco. Amongst the pasta dishes, we singled out the puttanesca (very fresh ingredients and taste), the pesto, the alfresco (fresh tomato, eggplant and pepper), and the bolognese (made authentically with Italian sausages, not ground beef).

The French menu includes the classic canard aux olives et vin blanc, steak Boston, sauce hollandaise, lapin aux champignons et vermouth, and poitrine de poulet au vinaigre de framboises.

This is a restaurant to watch. And, another plus over downtown, parking is easy to find!

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