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5357 Park

Mon.-Fri. noon-midnight. Sat-Sun 6 p.m.-midnight. 272-3522
In the 'Americano as sucker' category is the very so famous and now infamous to us, Milos on Avenue de Parc. Madonna and all the other "Hollywood" set may love it and perhaps they'd have treated us better if I'd appeared in my underwear on a Harley, but that's not my style.

6 Malpeques each as a starter with an insipid sauce followed by Joan's mysterious white whole fish (they were out of fully 75% of the fish on the menu or it was of such size as to feed an army) came with nothing else at 32$ and my grilled shrimp, mundane salad and fries at $26 were pedestrian. Ok bottle of Macon Village was 45$.

Total bill with 10% tip (condescending and inattentive service) was $210. Delfino, above, is a 100 times better at less than a quarter the cost. The owner's name is Costas and he's opened a branch in New York, but we say never again as for what it is it 'costas too muchas!’

Thoughts: When will the vast majority of Montreal restaurants offer a non-smoking section that is enforced? Not trying to change the local culture, but my closet reeks of the stuff and have to send out our trip wardrobe to the cleaners. Yes, I know reformed smokers are the worst. —
Reviewed by Joseph Mathews

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