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Mister Steer
1198 Ste. Catherine St. W

Sun.-Wed. 7 a.m.-10 p.m.. Thu.-Sat 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Licensed, major cards 866-3233
Last night went to check out the Gazette's "best hamburger" at Mister Steer.

Boy, are these people desperate. If this is the best hamburger in Montreal then I really should run screaming across the border post-haste.

I don't know why my imagined perception of Mr. Steer from the review was one of a quiet but bustling, middle-market business-lunch type of steakhouse, but it couldn't have been more wrong. From the street it's difficult to see inside, but the interior is a very long room with décor best described as "faux-diner." The waitresses are all grizzled, frocked sixy-somethings and the clientèle is Nebraska T-shirt Abner and Audrey, with large numbers of small children in tow. I'd have to say it was one step below Nickels as far as ambience is concerned, and that's not a compliment.

The side salad, which comes with everything, was a tired mishmash of iceberg and grated carrot, with a choice of French dressing or drizzle-your-own oil and vinegar from the provided table-side containers.

The "Supreme Mr. Steer" burger was sparse, to say the least. The toasted roll was supermarket-grade wonderbread. The "gourmet cheese" was processed cheese food. The actual burger, while not un-tasty, was in the shape of a medium-sized meatball, so all the ingredients between the rolls tended to to fall out and the roll itself disintegrated. Garnish was thickly-sliced raw onion—not a tomato slice or lettuce shard in sight (I used the remainder of my salad.) The curly fries, apparently a house specialty, were tired and soggy. My friend seemed to like her grilled chicken breast, but how can you screw that one up?

The Gazette people have entirely too much time on their hands and/or need brain surgery, because if this is the best Montreal has to offer, all Nostradamus's predictions will come true. I give the "best hamburger in Montreal" a 2.5 out of ten, with McDonald's weighing in at a hefty 7 as comparison.

Dinner for two was about $28 with beer, tax and tip. —
Reviewed by Nick Robinson

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