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Nantha's Cuisine
9 Duluth St. E (Plateau Mont-Royal)

Open Every day from 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Licensed. Major credit cards (514) 845-4717
Dropped in here last night or the comedy show (not bad -- watch for a youngun named Sonali Karnick, she works at CBC's Daybreak, great pacing, very funny) and some Malay style munchies. When the N himself is not in the kitchen, the place is a disaster. The soups weren't bad but a little oily and one was served almost at room temperature. These are basic sweet and sour fish soups, coconut and Thai ingredients, dime-a-dozen Asian dishes that only need the right blend of herbs and spices to get them right. Textbook cooking but not well done. The seafood pad Thai had been overcooked.

The noodles were mushy. Looked like Nantha had handed the cooking over to his dishwasher as he circulated through the kitchen. The appetizer of shrimp chips was uninspired, out of the bag, into the oil. Feh. The smoked white fish wrapped in banana leaf was the size of my thumb, almost, not quite. For a couple of bucks this was a dried out piece of bannock. Tasteless but for the accompanying sauce.

The sake was requested hot. We were told the sake warmer wasn't working. I said, you have fire in the kitchen, hot water perhaps. Ten minutes later we had a bottle sitting in tepid water. Anyway, if you walk in, see if a lean and good looking dark, flame-haired guy is in the kitchen; if he is—walk in eat and enjoy; if not, go elsewhere.
Reviewed by Barry Lazar

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