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Selva, Le
862 Marie-Anne E. Mont-Royal métro.

RESERVATIONS: 525-1798. HOURS: 5:30 p.m.—I I p.m., Tues.—Sat. Closed Sun. and Mon. NO- SMOKING SECTION: No. WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: Yes. PRICES: $8—$12 (à la carte), no table d'hôte. CREDIT CARDS: No.
Seeing La Selva as you walk by on a crisp winter night is like happening upon an old friend. The earth- toned interior, antique golden wood tables and low lights beckon invitingly as you shiver outside in impossible temperatures. As you open the door, the heavenly aromas emanating from the kitchen combine with the laughter that will typically be cascading from the back of the room, and you'll suddenly realize why La Selva truly epitomizes the "feel-good" neighbourhood resto.

Night after night, year after year, the locals come back to taste their favourites off the chicken- and fish-dominated menu. Read up on the Peruvian culinary tradition in the informative menu, and taste such specialties as soupa de pescado (fresh fish soup), ceviche (marinated raw fish), pollo en salsa di mani (grilled chicken in a peanut sauce), ocopade camarone (potato in a peanut butter sauce with shrimps), anticuchos de corazon de vaca (spicy beef hearts marinated and grilled), palta rellena de camarones (avocado stuffed with shrimps), pescado a la parrila (the poisson du jour grillé). They also offer a market-driven special du jour that really does change daily.

La Selva means "the jungle," and refers to a semi- mountainous region of green rolling hills in Peru. The family that has owned and run La Selva for the last fifteen years comes from this region.

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