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Société Café
1415 De la Montagne. Peel métro

Tel. 987-8168. Every day, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. $80 for two before wine, taxes and service. Table d'hôte: $18—$26 (noon); $30 (evening).
Hotel restaurants usually leave me as cold as a Tequila gazpacho, but the cuisine of Éric Fraudeau, chef at Société Café, is good enough to stimulate both the taste buds and the tourist industry. The definitively Québécois ingredients are prepared à la American nouvelle cuisine, with a presentation worthy of Mirô. Let the thrill of unusual freshness and unaccustomed purity take you into the heart of the global village. Weekend brunch. A separate room to smoke cigars and drink one or two of the many single malts. A wine selection prepared by François Chartier, the world's leading sommelier. Thematic festivals all year round. Nice space in calming colours. Planist in the evening, Thursday to Sunday. Private parking, and (ask for it) valet parking.

Sample menu: Crab and avocado tian with corn chutney on sweet pepper coulis, smoked salmon Vogue with herb cheeses and olive bread, maple-smoked lamb carpaccio and asiatic-spiced mustard, grilled salmon filet with saffron and basil-garlic sauce, braised Québec pork with green and yellow tomato salsa, cheesecake with Chicoutai marmalade, red banana and roasted pineapple cake on exotic fruit and basil salsa, chocolate cake with pecans and Kahlua.

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