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Restaurant Toucheh
351 Prince Albert, Westmount (514) 369-6868

Eat well. Leave smiling, Don't pay much. Howzat? Or, can two Iranian brothers who are almost identical twins, pull off a restaurant that has crashed a few times in recent memory? Or to put it another way, would you go to a place that made great pasta, decent veal scallopini, excellent homemade soups, and had great service and pay from $10 to $15 and bring your own wine? I would, if I could get in. Yeah, never made it for dinner so this is some review. I tried but I didn't have reservations. Who knew? I just stood outside and looked at all the people sitting, eating, laughing, having a great time. Maybe, I drooled a little.

So lunch. Lunch is good. Specials include eggplant and goat cheese sandwiches, vegetable soup, large plates of pasta and at least one good meat dish—steak or veal, plus a couple of kebobs. Desserts are a little thin—the tiramisu needed some decent mascarpone. The rice pudding is OK. But what do I know. The dinner menu is three times as long as the list of lunch specials and I know lunch. Lunch I have done several times. No complaints. One day I'll make it for dinner.

Reviewed by Barry Lazar

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