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Getting Around

You really don't need a car in Montreal unless you live here, and even then, having one really seems more trouble than it's worth. The winters alone create incredible hassles if you insist on driving: snowstorms, salt on the roads that eats holes in your chassis faster than the alien in Alien—the list is long. People drive like maniacs here—it's completely unlike the rest of North America. Red lights are mere annoyances and stop signs might as well be checkered flags. Do yourself a favor: take a cab or public transportation. For taxis, my personal favorite is Unitaxi (482-3000). All their cars are oversized and usually very clean and non-smoking and the drivers are mainly Iranian—very polite and intelligent. I wonder how many times I've been driven to Price Club by a Nuclear Physicist . . .
Follow the links below for very good web sites by the MUCTC (Montreal Urban Community Transport Commission.)

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