T   his is where the website used to be. In its heyday in the early 2000s (it went online in 2001) it was the de facto restaurant reviewing site for Montreal.

I am not too modest to say that before there was food blogging and Yelp! and Urbanspoon were almost a decade away from gaining popularity, was doing what they do now, except with professionalism, objectivity and integrity (we refused all offers of advertising and also refused invitations by restaurant owners to come review their restaurants for free).

All that "integrity," in retrospect, was naive at best, and ruinous at worst.

So, in about 2008, we gave up the ghost, but behind this page, some of still exists. The restaurant reviews were taken down, as by now they would be hopelessly out of date, but some other sections still exist, frozen in 2001, when they were created.

By all means, go in and take a look around at a lost world. If you wish to see a similar version of this site, please go here.

The website, including its contents, is for sale, or up for renovation, if you really want. Please contact tonboATvideotronDOTca for details.